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This LJ has been pretty much Friends Only for months and just got to make the FO post. That's one thing you already know about me. I procrastinate. A lot :3

If you have something in common with me (check out my interests~~) and want to add me leave a comment!!! ^_____^ ♥

P.S: FO banner made by gemma_m

Cardboard furniture

When the day I'm living in Japan comes and I have an almost empty apartment you can bet I'm making furniture out of card boxes. Not kidding.



Not like a table the size of that first one would fit in a tiny apartment but hey no one knows how I'm able to store so many stuf in my room anyway.

I want to try it like right now ♥
Pop Idol

The future is always with us

Out of the blue, my ex-girlfriend talked to me on Msn yesterday all happy and friendly and everything else. I was like WTF, not that I mind, if I was upset with her I got over it long ago. After all it's been 3 years or sth. But now we're talking again xD it seems she wants to be friends with everyone again. Ah~ people~ Anyway, the thing is.... I'm not the most intelligent person in the world, but I expected she'd grown up being 22 and all. You guys, no one should be allowed to drop out of high school.


Saw bits of the DK with Hitoto Yo (I love her interactions with Kinki xD) and really, Tsuyoshi's "UNKO is LIFE" was hilarious, more awesome than hilarious. Someone should make it into a T-shirt and wear it to a con; and I wish I was joking. But, I'm actually sure, if it wasn't because we're talking about poop here, they would have come with related concert goods long ago. But "unko" doesn't work for idols image. I also loved how Hitoto didn't bash an eyelash at the mention of unko, she's totally used to it, which is awesome being friends with Tsuyo and not Koichi.


Managed to finish my project on old Roman clothes without killing myself. I'll hand it over today. I'm aiming for the best grades this year! I won't be happy with the usual ones anymore~! *raises fist*
okay, I'll stop. I'm kind of hyper today.


Finally, I'm in love with this and wish I was a part of it. I've been seeing everyone's moleskine sketchbooks on Flickr lately and I definitely want one ;_;

*off to school*

P.S: as you guessed the entry's title is pointless.
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Things I can't really understand

-modifying brand clothes, if I say this is because I just saw a post on egl that made me cringe, I don't need to say names but, it really makes me sad. It's not only about lolita but brand/expensive clothing as a whole, I couldn't pay a lot for a skirt, just to pay again to get it tailored, most of the time just to get a skirt that doesn't have the right shape anymore. I know what I'm talking about here. If it's a normal piece and it's just a matter of 2 inches I'd say go for it, or if it's a brand item you found at a thrift store for 20 dollars or something but most of the times it's quite crazy. I don't fit in brand skirts, by just mere cms even, and I could do it myself, I trust my sewing skills, but taking apart a skirt just to get 4 cms more of room makes me want to cry D:

-adult people that are way too much in fandom (yes totally unrelated to the previous point xD). Now let me explain this one, I like fandom, it's such a funny place, however I'm fully aware that the moment I'm an adult life will be probably too busy to be in fandom 24/7, I'm not talking about just a job, after all it only takes 6-8 hours a day right? plus other things, the nights are for yourself; but, when you settle down, get married, have kids, taking care of things at home; it isn't just too hectic?

Not saying that you can't enjoy the things you like, you have time for yourself after all, just to check about your favorite series, or what your favorite band is doing, whatever; but some people even get the time to get obsessed (REALLY obsessed may I add) to fandom, posting secrets at fandomsecrets and such (which really was what make me think of this seeing today's post) and such.

I've been around fandom for god knows how long, almost half of my life, I'm around almost all the time; and I'm also the type who will probably settle down way too late because I feel I need to do many things before that. I usually say things like I don't want to get married or I doubt I'll have kids but I know that eventually this things will come, at the rate the world is going I feel that when I have kids I'll be too worried thinking about raising them to be honest and caring persons to spend more than 2 hours in front of a PC. Probably, what makes me sad about these people aren't them, but their families. Even if I don't care about family as much as I should. Somehow, it makes me thing these people use fandom as a way of escapism. Once again, I may be looking into it too much xD

That's it xD on a side note, a test I found on the net some hours ago told me my mental age is 71. I'm such a granny xD go me~